How Does It Work?

Email Marketing to Expand Your Business

Pigeon Posts is an Email Marketing Company focused on Expanding our Client's Business by introducing their products and services to our Trusted and Engaging Audience

Identify Niche Audience

We will analyze your services and products, as well as existing sales, and identify the ideal market based on location, demographics, interests, lifestyle, and other factors

Expose to New Markets

Our main asset for our clients is our Engaging Email Audience. We will launch a targeted email campaign to reach the identified market for your business through our existing email audience

Engage the Consumer

Engagement is key! Introducing your business to an already tested and engaging audience makes your exposure more efficient, resulting in higher conversions

Increase Sales

A higher conversion rate translates into higher sales for your business. An accurately targeted email campaign reaching an engaging, trusted audience is the perfect strategy that will place your business ahead of the game


How can Pigeon Posts benefit you?

Our best features lay in giving our clients exposure to a target email audience and help them expand their business. Whether we are working with an established or a brand new company, we focus on identifying the best market angle and curate each campaign accordingly.

Who is our Email Audience?

Our Email Audience consists of various demographics, interests, income, occupation, status, and more throughout all 50 states. We consistently engage our audience through informational content and only advertise our clients’ services and products to a targeted audience that meets the criteria. Identifying the right market plays a significant role for our clients and our whole engagement process with the audience. Therefore we emphasize analyzing our clients’ core nature of the business to ensure it meets the end consumer’s needs as well.

Email Audience
Email Campaigns

Your Best Monthly Plan

Please be aware, once choosing any of the plans below, we will first analyze your products and services to fit your goals best

5000 subscribers
1 Email Blast/ Month
Target Audience
No monthly contract
Monthly Report
15,000 Subscribers
4 Email Blasts/ Month
Target Audience
No monthly contract
Monthly Report

Why do our Services add Extreme Value to your Business?

Our main focus is to help our clients Expand their market and give them Maximum Exposure

  • Medium to maximum exposure to new interested prospective customers, depending on your goals and abilities

  • Targeted, Creative, and Engaging Email Campaigns that showcase your products and services in the best light

  • Increased Sales and Returning Customers resulting from our strategic campaigns, follow-ups, and engagement